Fantasy Action-Adventure Game Effie is Now Available


Effie is a modern 3D platform adventure that combines action and fantasy in an open world. You will play as Galand, a man cursed with age who will look for a way to break his curse with the help of a powerful magical shield.

Hello everyone, my name is Javier Gerona and I am a game developer at Inverge Studios. For the past few years we’ve been working on this amazing project, which is now thanks to the collaboration with our friends from Klabater on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One is available.

Effie is an adventure for everyone. From the most intrepid youngsters who want to discover an exciting fantasy story full of action and challenges, to the most experienced gamers who will remember classic platform games.

The game’s story centers on Galand, a man who has been cursed with old age for his laziness. The game begins when he arrives at the Temple of the Elder Protectors in the bright red region of Oblena. There a dark power was unleashed that invaded all cities and settlements. So Galand has to discover the evil that affects the entire region – and nip it in the bud.


During the adventure, Galand will encounter all kinds of evil creatures: goblins, ghouls, ghosts, monsters … but he will count on Runestone, a powerful magical shield as a weapon to defend himself. Shield, defense … it makes sense doesn’t it? But that’s not all! Our shield will also serve to smash all these evil creatures that have invaded Oblena.

In addition, as the story progresses, Runestone will unlock new skills that will allow us to perform new combos and reach locations that we couldn’t reach before. And it will also serve as a means of transportation … a hoverboard!


So … will Galand manage to free all cities from evil? And will he break his curse? And by the way … who is Effie? I could tell you, but you’d probably rather find out for yourself.

All in all, this fresh fantasy adventure should be a try if you like 3D platformer games.


XBox Live



$ 19.99

Effie is a 3D action-adventure game that combines the classic elements of the genre like combat, platforming, and puzzles with exploring an expanded world. In the game we play as Galand, a young man in search of his youth after being cursed by a witch who was prematurely old. A powerful black magic controls the cities of the Oblena region and to face the evil we will carry a magical shield called runestone. This shield plays a very important role in our adventure as it will be our only weapon and tool. You can defend yourself, fight, and surf across the red grasslands.



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