British prison escapee caught because he went out to buy Call of Duty


After Clint Butler escaped Spring Hill Prison in Buckinghamshire on November 28 last year, he served a 17-year sentence for crimes such as robbery and firearms until he left with a friend to get a copy of Call of Obtaining Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Butler was stopped on the street in Birmingham by police and asked why he was out during a pandemic and replied, “I came to get the new Call of Duty because I can’t be in jail.” While one of the officers stated that Butler and his companion had been stopped for clearly turning around and trying to leave after seeing the police, Butler kicked the officer and tried to escape. As the video of the West Midlands Police event shows, he immediately fell over and was spoken to.

Butler has since returned to prison, with an additional 13 months to his sentence for escaping and six months for attacking the police. According to Nick Rowe, Superintendent of Birmingham Police, “it will remain a mystery why he decided to take the risk of going back to prison by making the idiotic decision to come to town with a friend during the lockdown,” to buy a video game. “

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Robert Dunfee