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Welcome to MyTeam Season 5: Age of Heroes … Assemble your team of superstars from the modern age and the golden age of the NBA in MyTeam and unleash their powers. Season 5 is out today for NBA 2K21 and brings new players, challenges and rewards, as well as all-new hero-themed cards. First, let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for us.

Season 5 Challenge Activities

PS5 is the best place to play through all of the content available in Season 5: Age of Heroes, and there is one quantity of content. But let’s start with the exclusive PlayStation Challenge activities in MyTeam, available only to PS5 users.

These challenges are updated every season, and Season 5 brings an icon with legends like T-Mac and Vinsanity. Take on the 2000 Raptors with your MyTeam and throw at least 10 dunks to secure your place in the PS5 ranking! But it doesn’t stop there … the more dunks you make against the 2000 Raptors, the higher the leaderboard! Upon completing the challenge, you will receive a Slasher Reward Package that includes a shoe and badge to improve your lineup’s slashing skills.

Cards with hero motifs

Let’s take a closer look at Season 5: Age of Heroes – first build your own hero, LeBron James – at the start of the season, redeem his Sapphire Evo card, complete the agendas and watch him grow into a diamond. MyTeam is adding brand new hero-themed cards for you to unlock, collect and compete with!

There are 15 modern day NBA players including future superstars Luka Doncic and Mitchell Robinson, and 15 NBA Golden Age legends including Big Fella Shaq and Manu Ginobili. Complete the sets for a very special reward …

Season 5 Signature Challenge: Michael Jordan

Every legend deserves a Signature Challenge, this time it is none other than the 6-time NBA champion, its airiness; Michael Jordan. Play through one of Jordan’s most iconic moments. THE LAST SHOT. A game-winning shot that gave MJ 45 points and the Bulls a second 3-peat and their 6th NBA championship in the 1990s. Complete the challenge to receive a Diamond Jordan shoe and Hall of Fame badge! If you don’t have a Michael Jordan card, redeem this locker code for your free MJ MyTeam card: JORDAN LAST SHOT

Also this season …

Complete the Season Plans and earn XP to progress through the Season Tiers and unlock All-Star Dunk Champion Hamidou Diallo, 3PT King Joe Harris, 6-time All-Star Amar’e-Stoudemire, and more. The Galaxy Opal Admiral – David Robinson awaits you as a progression in Season 5 from MyTeam to level 40. There are also brand new players in the exchange including Larry Legend and Khris Middleton who shouldn’t be missed as you build your team. And Triple Threat Superstars will be happy when you get the 1000th victory in Triple Threat Offline, you will receive Galaxy Opal Peja Stojakovic.

MyTeam tournament

Have fun and earn huge rewards every weekend in MyTeam Limited. With new lineups added every week, every card in your collection matters. Earn prizes to receive a championship ring every week. Collect all 5 rings to receive the limited season 5 grand prize: Galaxy Opal Pau Gasol.

The $ 250,000 MyTeam tournament culminates in its fifth season with 32 hopeful qualifiers from around the world * competing in a knockout tournament on February 20th to reach the grand finale on March 6th and the grand prize of $ 200,000 with $ 50,000 to take home for runner-up!

Not compete? No problem, bring your skills to MyTeam Unlimited and climb the ladder with your best line-up. Play your way through 9 leagues to get to the top. To move forward you need to win a certain number of games, with more and more wins required as you improve the league structure and earn rewards. Go 12-0 in Season 5’s Unlimited Opal League and earn Galaxy Opal Cedric Maxwell.

New to MyTeam? Here’s what it’s all about

Let’s go behind the scenes at how players are selected for two of MyTeam’s most popular themes and packages.

In December we introduced a never-before-seen set in MyTeam, Retro 2K. We have published two volumes of these collections; Each with a unique combination of players, inspired by cards from previous years on MyTeam. Right, we’ve brought some of the most influential player cards back to MyTeam, like Paul George’s NBA 2K15 Pink Diamond, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s epic NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary card, and Michael Jordan’s Signature Limited Galaxy Opal (one of the rarest cards ever released) My team).

We’ve also revisited many of our community’s favorite maps over the years, including Lonzo Balls Pink Diamond from the NBA 2K18 Pink Diamond Tournament and Andrei Kirilenko’s Lockdown Diamond from NBA 2K19. We even brought back great Ruby cards from current players like Mo Bamba, Jonathan Isaac and Thon Maker onto the great Kobe Bryant card from NBA 2K15. Stars, niche favorites and everything in between. The first retro 2K volumes had something of everything for everyone!

In the cases of the giant Sim Bhullar from NBA 2K16 or Isaac Bonga’s then inexperienced NBA 2K19 card, we decided to upgrade the capabilities of some cards from a contemporary bronze to an NBA 2K21 Ruby. Another line of cards where we “perturb” a card’s attribute ratings is our aptly named “Glitched” collection. To accompany every NBA 2K21 Flash release in MyTeam, these cards contain elements of fantasy, including great men like Rudy Gobert and Tim Duncan expanding their reach, or Hall of Fame Point Guard John Stockton, who is responsible for spectacular highlights across the world Edge goes.

Unique to all Glitched cards is the ability to update ALL badges on the card. That said, you could theoretically upgrade your Glitched Diamond Zion Williamson to get all of the Hall of Fame badges if you could earn them all! The Glitched collection really allows us, “What if?” To see. Questions come to life in MyTeam.

If you’ve played a previous NBA 2K MyTeam and want your favorite card to return, share your wishlist with us! Tweet @ NBA2K_MyTeam or click the Ask a Developer section in the MyTeam Community Hub. We look forward to suggestions from our community.

That’s all of us for now. Keep playing MyTeam on PS5 for tons of new content in MyTeam Season 5!

* Participation in the MyTeam tournament is available to players from the following countries: Countries 50 USA and DC (excluding AZ, CT, MD and ND), Canada (excluding Quebec), Australia, Chile, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey



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