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Hello everyone, our small team is pleased to announce that our first free update for 2021, the Companions Update, is available for free download for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players starting today.

The creatures you can find on alien planets in Nobody’s Heaven have always been a highlight for us. Since the start, we wanted to tame and train the exotic animals you encounter on your travels. Companions is a huge update that focuses on these strange alien life forms.

A galaxy of new companions

The infinite and diverse creatures that you find in the universe are now ready to be tamed and adopted as your companions. Once connected, your new friends can be called anywhere – even on the Space Anomaly.

Awaken a new generation

Well-groomed creatures lay eggs! Incubate the egg in your exosuit until it is ready to hatch into a brand new life form.

Explore together

Creatures can be trained to perform tasks like scanning for resources, marking hazards, providing torch lights, hunting enemy creatures, locating buildings, digging up valuable treasure, or even using your own shoulder-mounted mining lasers.

play together

Use certain command gestures to issue commands to your co-explorer. If your companion meets other players, creatures, or companions, they may become curious, playful, or even aggressive, depending on their personality.

Unique Personalities

A creature’s personality is unique and shaped by its type and role as an ecosystem. Your personality affects how you behave, how you think and communicate.

extraterrestrial Neuro translation

The creature’s harness has a neural connection with the exosuit and enables a rudimentary translation of its thoughts and desires. You can finally talk to the creatures you meet!

Form Your binding

Take care of your companion by playing with them, feeding them, and giving them attention.

companion Adaptation

Equip your companion with a range of functional and decorative decorations. Accessories can be re-colored and customized with decals.

Nourish the young

Baby creatures inherit looks and characteristics from their parents – but they’re never exactly the same! They will need your care as they grow from spawn to maturity …

gene Re-sequencing

Genetic material can also be brought to the new Egg Sequencer on board the Space Anomaly. The Egg Sequencer allows players to remix the genetic material of their growing eggs to produce unique, never-before-seen creatures.

Genetically trade

Players who have found particularly rare or desirable creatures may wish to trade eggs from their valued companions with other players.

Performance optimizations

In addition to all of the new features, the companion update will significantly improve load and warp times for PlayStation 4 players.

It’s been a few months since a busy year ended, welcoming PlayStation 5 players to the No Man’s Sky universe with the launch of our Next Generation Upgrade, free to existing PlayStation 4 owners. For a game that is now five years old, we feel humbled to be one of the most downloaded games on PlayStation 5 since launch. It makes us excited to go further.

Speaking of which, we released a patch this January that significantly improved the visuals of PlayStation VR. If you haven’t already put on your headset with PS5, now may be the time to do it. We have a lot planned for No Man’s Sky this year and look forward to sharing more with you soon.



Robert Dunfee